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This page describes the vue.js webpage application I created and the Tool kit I used to create it!

Mark's Tiny Project - Tiny Dividend Calculator



The goal of the website - Tiny Dividend Calculator, is to be able to create a dividend tracker that gives the user the option to populate their stock and then see a valuation of dividends over time with or with out drip investing included. I noticed when looking at other stock dividend calculators that you can only do generic amounts of money and not add in the individual stocks to track. So to solve that problem I built Tiny Dividend Calculator. I built the website using Vue.js, HTML and css. I host this website via Netlify. I use Github for my version control as well as to integrate into Netlify. After exploring two stock data apis and, I decided to not utilize either api within this tiny project. The main reason behind this is because sharing the data from the api to a third party would have been a violation of the two apis Terms of Service.

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