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This page is a guide about how I deployed my static website using Netlify!

Guide to building a static website with Netlify

Step 1: Sign up for Github

Sign up for Github at

Step 2: Create a new repository on Github

Create a new repository with the following setup:

Inside of /public folder will be the following:

Step 3: Sign up for Netflify

Sign up for Netlify at Link with the Github account that you have created above.

Step 4: Select repository on Github

Select the repository that you have created on Github.

Step 5: Set up build settings

Netlify will ask for build settings. You do not need to include anything at all since we are only deploying a static site. Once the site has been created go into Build & deploy settings and edit the 'Build settings'. Change 'Publish directory' to public. Then go to 'Deploys' and select 'Trigger deploy' then 'Deploy site'.

Step 6: Set up a custom domain

Netlify also allows you to add a custom domain to your static website! You can add a custom domain by going into 'Domain management' and selecting 'Add custom domain'. Once you add a custom domain you will have to verify that you either own the domain or that you want to purchase it through Netlify.